Its Thanksgiving

Its Thanksgiving – Time to buy your favorite Moon Calendar versions for all your holiday gift needs.

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that started with very humble beginnings with the Pilgrims and now has become such a part of our lives we celebrate it every year with excitement and various traditions that have become part of the holiday. It seems Thanksgiving gets bigger every year and there are many reasons behind the growth of the holiday. Let’s look at some of the biggest reasons we look forward to Thanksgiving year after year.

It’s one of the few holidays that we really don’t exchange gifts. It’s a holiday where we are thankful for things and gifts are not a part of it. This could be one of the main reasons people gravitate to it as one of their favorite holidays during the year.

Family and friends are one of the biggest reasons Thanksgiving continues to grow. During the year most of the time we are very busy and finding time to reconnect is very hard. Thanksgiving gives us a chance to get together and see how everyone is doing and enjoy time with each other. Finding free time to connect is tough in today’s world and that won’t stop anytime soon.

Food is probably the one thing on Thanksgiving that is more popular than anything else. At Thanksgiving we get chance to eat foods that we normally never see during the year. The demands for these foods are at an all-time high around Thanksgiving and this has become one of the fixtures that have made Thanksgiving grow.

Shopping is probably one of the biggest things that are associated with Thanksgiving more than ever before. After Thanksgiving dale sales are huge and it even has been given a name it’s called Black Friday. Black Friday usually is the first day of the year where retailers actually start turning a profit. This also usually marks the first day to kick off the holiday buying season.

Sports and parades are another thing that the Thanksgiving holiday has started. Football has become a very vital part of the Thanksgiving holiday as people sit down to watch football before and after the dinner. Early in the morning Thanksgiving parades are shown on television and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is one of the most famous parades around that people go to and watch every year.

Outdoor activities are also another reason Thanksgiving has become popular. Even though many areas of the country are getting colder this time of the year there still is very much to do outside and this is one reason that people love the holiday. From football games to just walks down roads to check out the fall foliage Thanksgiving has really become a special holiday for many.

As you can see Thanksgiving has really grown over the years and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. In fact the opposite is true. It’s growing at a great rate and better than almost every holiday we celebrate. Thanksgiving is something everyone can relate to and this is one of the main reasons it will never go away from our lives now or in the future.